9 Best Wisconsin Cheese Gift Baskets for 2023

A Wisconsin cheese gift basket is a great gift box to give for any occasion. Corporate professionals like giving them to clients or business partners. Friends and family like giving them to their loved ones. With award-winning Wisconsin cheese, you can rest assured that these gift boxes with meat, cheese, and sausage, will deliver a taste that will keep them happy. From mild cheddar to Monterey jack, find the best product or set today.

1). 5 Cheese Pack and 1 Salami Wisconsin Cheese Company

The Wisconsin Cheese Company offers a superior selection of artisan cheeses. Our gift baskets are the perfect way to share the cheese lover’s passion with family and friends. This basket contains five different types of flavorful cheeses, each with its own unique taste. You can find the nutty and creamy Gouda, the smoky cheddar salami, the creamy Swiss cheese, and two tomato basil-flavored kinds of cheese for a sweet finish. With this delightful selection of flavors, this is sure to be an unforgettable gift that delights everyone.

2). 21 Favorites from The Wisconsin Cheeseman

The Wisconsin Cheeseman brings you their 21 Favorites gift basket, a delicious selection of all your favorite Wisconsin cheeses. You’ll find creamy cheddar and sharp cheddar, brick, and Colby cheeses, plus original and garlic summer sausages. Spreads and mustards round out this unique collection from America’s dairyland. It’s the perfect choice for any Wisconsin cheese lover. Enjoy the gourmet flavors packed in this special gift that will definitely wow its recipient.

cheese gift baskets and charcuterie board

3). Gift Basket from Deli Direct Wisconsin. Meat and Cheese Charcuterie Pack.

Give the gift of gourmet flavors from Wisconsin with our themed cheese gift basket. Packed with over 2 lbs of delicious cheeses and meats, this selection features a variety of top-quality summer sausages, Wisconsin cheddars, and other tasty shelf-stable goodies. This special gift is sure to please everyone at your next gathering or occasion. Enjoy Wisconsin’s finest flavors with one amazing basket.

cheese wisconsin gift basket

4). Gourmet Cheese Gift Basket from Dan the Sausageman

Treat your friends and family to the flavor of Wisconsin with Dan the Sausage Man’s Special Cheese Gift Basket. This thoughtful and handcrafted cheese selection features a variety of delicious cheeses and sausages from a family-owned store that takes pride in finding the finest flavors. Enjoy top-quality, gourmet flavors from Wisconsin delivered right to your door with this amazing gift basket.

5). The Ultimate Cheese and Sausage Gift Boxes for a Mancave

Get the best of Wisconsin’s finest flavors with Wisconsin’s Best and Wisconsin Cheese Company! From nationally known quality food products to snacks, gifts, gourmet food online assortments, gift baskets, gift boxes, grocery items, and gourmet foods – you’ll find everything you could ever want from our selection.

Bring the taste of Wisconsin into your home with the freshest ingredients sourced from local farms. With so much variety available for any occasion, it’s the perfect way to celebrate the holidays.

6). Taste of Wisconsin Assortment Gift Box

Enjoy the best of Wisconsin with a Taste of Wisconsin Cheese Gift Basket This crafted selection includes all the finest flavors – from cheese, sausage, and jam to root beer, honey, popcorn, syrup, cookies, and crackers.

Whether you’re treating yourself or someone special, this indulgent basket contains everything you need for an unforgettable snacking experience. Enjoy the taste of Wisconsin delivered right to your door with this amazing gift.

7). Pretzel and Cheese Gift Box

Send your friends and family the perfect treats with Wisconsin’s Best and Wisconsin Cheese Company’s Cheese and Pretzel Gift Box. This delicious selection includes all the best flavors from Wisconsin to make any occasion special. Show your loved ones how much you care with a unique gift basket filled with premium cheese, sausage, and gourmet dipping pretzels. It’s sure to make an excellent birthday or thank-you cheesy gift – and it’s one they’ll never forget.

8). Gourmet Cheese Platter

Get ready for a truly unique snacking experience with the Gourmet Meat and Cheese Platter Sampler! This professionally packaged variety pack has been carefully curated to deliver only the best flavors. Enjoy premium meats, delicious cheeses, and other gourmet treats, all proudly presented in an attractive platter box. Perfect for any occasion or gift-giving need – this platter sampler comes with glowing reviews and is sure to impress.

9). 12-Star Cheese Gift Lineup

Show your appreciation with the unique and delicious gift box. This gourmet selection contains cuts of brick cheese complemented by delicious natural sharp and mellow cheddars, amazing Colby, pepper jack, and Monterey jack cheeses. Perfect for any occasion or gift-giving need – this basket comes with a variety of premium flavors to please everyone’s taste buds. Enjoy the finest in gourmet cheese snacks today.

Final Thoughts about the Best Cheese Gift Baskets


When it comes to award-winning Wisconsin cheese gift baskets, there’s nothing quite like them. From the finest aged cheddar and goudas to delectable brick cheeses and melt-in-your-mouth blue cheeses, these exquisite packages of cheese goodness come with a variety of flavors that will please even the most discerning palate. Add a block of cheese to your cart, you’ll find a great order with a great rating.

With their unbeatable taste and superior quality, these cheese gift baskets are sure to impress any recipient – no matter what the occasion! So if you’re looking for a truly special gift that won’t break the bank, award-winning Wisconsin cheese gift baskets are worth considering.