Fiber Optic Wand with Crystal Ball Assorted Colors


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Behold, party people and parade goers, I am the James of Fiber Optic Wands, your dazzling companion for nights that demand a dash of magic! 🌟🪄With my shimmering fiber optics, I’m not just a wand; I’m a handheld aurora borealis, ready to burst into a symphony of colors faster than you can say “abracadabra”! My tip isn’t just a crystal ball; it’s a portal to a tiny universe where every color imaginable dances at the command of your fingertips. 🌈✨Wave me around at concerts, festivals, and yes, especially at parades where the crowd’s energy is my fuel. I’ll make sure you’re not just another face in the crowd; you’re the maestro of a light show that rivals the stars. 🌟My LED hues? Pink for when you’re feeling funky, blue for the cool cats out there, and jade for when you want to sprinkle a bit of mystery in the air. Powered by four AG13 batteries, I’m the eco-friendly spark in the night. And yes, they’re replaceable, because the show must go on! 💡🔋At 13.5 inches of pure, undiluted spectacle, with a comfortable 1.25-inch girth, I’m the perfect size for twirling, swirling, and casting spells of joy. 🌀To bring me to life, bid farewell to the pull tab and press the button on my handle. I come with six LED functions to match your every mood: Flash when you’re feeling sassy, Steady for that constant glow of awesomeness, Slow Color Change for a chill vibe, and individual color flashes for when you want to highlight your moves. 💃🕺And the best part? I look just as fabulous in your Instagram stories as I do IRL. So, snap away, my photogenic friends! 📸😉I’m not just a wand; I’m a statement. A declaration that tonight, we’re lighting up the world, one twirl at a time. So grab your James of Wands, and let’s turn this parade into our playground! 🎉🎇

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