Stainless Steel 5 pc Egg and Pancake Mold Set

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Product Dimensions: 3.5×3.5×2 inch
1.Breakfast is better with these molds for eggs or pancakes


Adorable 5 pcs Egg mold set. Giving your family a big smile each morning is not as hard as you think.

Premium Food Grade Stainless Steel – food grade stainless steel material. It’s odorless and nontoxic. It’s also NON STICK so you can use it on a pan to make perfect shaped eggs and pancakes.

These egg mold ring pack ideal for families who want to make breakfast quickly and easily with eggs, pancakes, cookies, breakfast sandwiches, fritters, and even omelettes. Get the perfect fried egg! It’s also easy to pop out of mould straight onto the plate in just a few minutes. 

Each Order Comes with 5 Egg Shapes! This makes them great for children who are very picky with the shape of their foods. Especially when you have several children,  each gets their own shape.

Hand washable and Dishwasher Safe


Our set comprises with 5 molds in different shapes, including round,heart,star, mouse and flower . You can choose the mostly favored shapes for your family.

Our set is very convenient to use. Just unfold the molds and place them on the pan.Be kindly aware to use a really flat pan. It is advisable to rub the edges with butter or other edible oil before use.Then it is easier to take out the molds without sticking. Make sure your pan and the mold being heated before adding eggs, or you will have problem with the eggs running out of the mold.



Material: Stainless steel food-grade material


Color: Silver (molds)

Package Included:

5PCS X egg molds

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